Congregational Community Action Project


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fax: (540) 662-8109
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Call us, or better, stop in and sign up to be a CCAP Volunteer!

Volunteers Perform  7 Basic Jobs (see descriptions at the bottom of this page):

  1. 1.Receptionist

  2. 2.Pantry Volunteer

  3. 3.Clothing Volunteer

  4. 4.Interviewer

  5. 5.Delivery Person

  6. 6.Transportation Volunteer

  7. 7.Receiving Volunteer

This person welcomes all clients, updates existing client records or creates a new client record,  determines the client's immediate needs, and forwards the client to the service(s) requested. The receptionist works at a desk with a desktop computer and printer. Paper documents are often prepared. A naturally pleasant demeanor, good questioning skills, basic computer operation knowledge, and patience are important keys to success for the receptionist. 

Pantry Volunteer

This person receives clients into our pantry, describes what is currently available, and helps clients find and pack their pantry needs.  This volunteer also receives incoming deliveries, unpacks boxes of provisions, stocks shelves and freezers, and advance-fills bags of food and goods to be given out. A clear speaking voice, physical stamina and/or upper body strength, and an ability and willingness to work in a small, crowded space are needed for this job.

Clothing Volunteer

This person receives clients into our clothing room, asks what is needed, points out what is currently available, and helps clients find and pack their clothing needs.  Also, this volunteer accepts incoming clothing deliveries, unpacks and sorts items received, places them on hangers and/or shelves, and generally keeps the clothing room tidy. A clear speaking voice, physical stamina and a willingness to strive to keep an untidy space tidy are helpful for this position


This volunteer has the critical job of determining when, how, and the amount of financial assistance to provide to clients. Rental assistance, assistance with heating bills and other utilities, prescription medicine purchases, and other urgent financial needs are requested and met each day. The interviewer must sort through these, keeping both the client and CCAP's limited resources in mind. All assistance is provided via bills and vouchers; no cash is ever handled by a volunteer. Good questioning skills, logical thinking, and sound decision making are critical skills for this job.

Delivery Person

This volunteer drives the truck or van to various business establishments and donor organizations in our area to pick up food and other goods bought by or donated to CCAP.   Stamina, physical strength and a safe driving record are required for this job.  Most deliveries are done during the morning hours. 

CCAP Is An All-Volunteer Organization

There are no paid employees at CCAP. Our volunteer force numbers about 75 men and women most of whom work one 3-hour shift each week 3 or 4 times each month. We strive to maintain enough volunteers trained for each job so that time off for important personal needs is always available.

Because we are a day operation, many of our volunteers are retired people dedicated to 'giving back' to their community. Several volunteers are local business managers and employees who have flexible day-time hours. Youth groups supervised by adult sponsors also do valuable volunteer work.

Although volunteers are as varied as the different people who live in our community, all have one trait in common...a quiet, personal determination to help others in need and improve the lives of all around us. 

So, at CCAP you pay and little recognition. bosses (every volunteer is responsible for our success), a friendly and positive work environment, a sense that you're using your personal skills well, and a feeling of having accomplished something important as you drive home. 

Receiving Volunteer

This person receives donations delivered to CCAP, prepares donation "Thank You" slips, and distributes donated items to CCAP departments for provision to CCAP clients.

Transportation Volunteer

Drives CCAP clients to important appointments using the organization’s vehicle and gas.  Person must be willing to work on an on-call basis.