Congregational Community Action Project


ph: (540) 662-4318
fax: (540) 662-8109
alt: (540) 336-0415


CCAP's motivation is a strong desire to do God's work in a world filled with very human needs.

We are a non-profit, faith based, charitable organization that is funded by area churches, a synagogue, businesses, civic groups, bequests, and private individuals. We receive no funding from local, state or federal government agencies nor are we funded by the  United Way.

As an all-volunteer organization with absolutely no paid staff, we are able to put 97% of every dollar donated right back into the community. The remaining 3% is used for postage, insurance, office administration and telephone expenses.

The Clothing Room

The Clothing Room is a relatively large area where clients are free to shop and select clothing that meets their family's needs. Each day generous donors bring us bags and boxes full of very good condition used clothing, linens, blankets and curtains.  Volunteers carefully go  through each bag, selecting, sorting, folding and displaying clothing that will meet our clients needs. The clothing is displayed on hangers and in bins for ease of access.  Clients may obtain clothing items once a month.  If there are special circumstances, this limit can be increased to twice a month.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is provided less often, depending on the client's current level of need, his/her current financial situation, and the client's CCAP history. On the day financial assistance is requested an interviewer will meet with the requesting client to determine the extent of  financial assistance which can and should be provided.

Other Services

We also provide additional services depending on the availability of resources. Bus passes may be offered for trips across town, used bicycles may be provided for transport to work, emergency living supplies may be offered to homeless clients. We make every attempt, within the limits of our resources, to assist every client who comes to us for assistance.

The Pantry

Our pantry is equipped with a walk in freezer and two large coolers. We regularly store and distribute canned and boxed foods, cereals, fresh sandwiches, frozen soups and meats (chicken, hot dogs, hamburger, venison), deli foods, breads, and cakes.  Clients may obtain food items once a month and homeless everyday.  Emergency situations will be considered.  CCAP obtains food from many sources including grocery stores, gleaning, super centers, churches, and private donations.  Due to the demand, we are purchasing food at retail price from grocery stores.  Food is the most asked for type of aid.